BACnet and Modbus
Air Differential Pressure Sensors

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    common HVAC applications!

Thermokon are proud to introduce their new range of smart communicating air differential pressure sensors.

This series of smart sensors have either BACnet MSPT or Modbus RTU communication and are designed to interface with  building automation systems where these protocols are used.

They are compatible with all common HVAC DDC and analogue control systems with building automation.

These sensors operate with low power supply.

They are designed to measure differential pressure in ducts and rooms where high precision measurements are needed.

The sensors are of a modern and practical product design and are easy to use, install and maintain.

Typical applications include office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, cinemas or schools.

Please refer to the data sheets below for more detailed information and specifications.

We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of quality and service, and we are committed to providing just that.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Air Differential Pressure Sensor  BACnet/Modbus PDE9
Air Differential Pressure Sensor
Air Differential Pressure Sensor
Power Supply AC/DC 24V
BUS system BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU
Analog output: 0...10V or 4...20mA
Measuring range:
see data sheet
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