BACnet and Modbus SENSORS
with BACnet and Modbus communication on board

Thermokon Australia

We supply HVAC Sensors for all
    common HVAC applications!

Thermokon are proud to introduce their new range of communicating sensors.

This series of smart sensors have either BACnet MSPT or Modbus RTU communication and are designed to interface with  building automation systems where these protocols are used.

They are compatible with all common HVAC DDC and analogue control systems with building automation.

They monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity & temperature and air quality in rooms, areas and outdoors as well as air ducts.

Pipe surface temperature sensors are available

as well as pressure sensors to monitor air or water pressure in ducts and pipes in addition to differential pressure.

Our sensors are made from high quality materials using modern production procedures.

German engineering with years of experience ensures reliability and accuracy which are second to none.

Please refer to the data sheets below for more information and  detailed specifications.

To serve you better we have partnered with Gruner Australia for quality HVAC Actuators.