with BACnet and Modbus communication on board

Thermokon Australia

We supply HVAC Sensors for all

     common HVAC applications!

We supply room and duct humidity and temperature sensors, as well as  outdoor humidity and temperature sensors. This series of sensors have BACnet MSPT and Modbus RTU communication on board and automatically detect the connected BUS system.

There are 4 humidity measuring variables with relative humidity and absolute humidity, dew point and enthalpy. Please refer to the models below for detailed specifications.

Our sensors are made from high quality materials using modern production procedures.

German engineering with years of experience ensures reliability and accuracy which are second to none.

Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Room Humidity &  Temperature Sensors

CRW9- Series H & T - Room Humidity & Temperature Sensor

              BACnet MSTP / Modbus RTU communication

Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Duct Humidity & Temperature Sensors

CDI9 - Series H & T - Duct Humidity & Temperature Sensor

               BACnet MSTP/Modbus RTU communication

Outdoor Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Humidity & Temperature Sensors

COW9 - Series H & T - Outdoor Humidity & Temperature Sensor

                   BACnet MSTP/Modbus RTU communication

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