Room Operating Panels

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The Thanos touch room operating units by Thermokon are used for temperature and humidity detection (optional) as well as for the intuitive operation of HVAC, lighting and blind functions.

The operating functions can be flexibly used depending on the room requirement. The housing colors are available in white and black as well as the types "L" and "S" in vertical and horizontal design.

All models are designed for installation in a flush-mounted box. Due to the high-quality optics, the device is particularly suitable for design-oriented facilities.

The operating panels are available with Modbus interface where this protocol is used.

For more information and technical specifications please refer to the relevant data sheets below.

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Thanos Room Operating Panels
Thanos Modbus
Room Operating Panels
with Modbus Interface
Designed for detection of Temperature and Humidity as well integrated HVAC control
Power Supply AC/DC 24V
RS485 Modbus RTU interface
Room Operating Panel
Room Temperature Controller - RRF
Room Temperature FCU Thermostat
Power Supply AC 230V
Temperature Range 0...50C
Room Temperature Controller
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