Fan Coil Unit

FCU Thermostats

Thermokon Australia

We supply HVAC Sensors for all

     common HVAC applications!

Used for individual control of temperature in commercial, office and residential buildings.

The units are of modern design with flush mounting modules.

Being an important part of our HVAC products range, the RRF3 - Series is designed to control temperature in rooms and areas.

Our FCU thermostats are economical and multi functional. The JOY is a multi-faceted thermostat with distinct design.

The units are available with Modbus interface.


Please refer to the data sheets for technical specifications.

Room Temperature FCU Thermostat - RRF3
FCU Thermostat
Power Supply AC 230V
Temperature Range 0...50C
0...10V or on/off Functionality
JOY FCU Thermostat
Electronic Fan Coil Unit Thermostat
Power Supply AC 85...260V
Temperature Range 0...50C
5 x normally open contacts
Joy FCU Thermostat
LCF FCU Thermostat
Electronic Fan Coil Unit Thermostat
Power Supply AC 90...265V
Temperature Range 0...50C
NTC10k output
LCD display
LCF FCU Thermostat