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News Releases
February 2021

This series is designed to measure temperature and humidity sensor with a full Touch- LED display, showing the actual room relative humidity and the temperature values as well as the actual day and time.

January 2020

This series of smart sensors have either BACnet MSPT or Modbus RTU communication and are designed to interface with  building automation systems where these protocols are used.

They are compatible with all common HVAC DDC and analogue control systems with or without building automation.

August 2019

We supply a comprehensive range of room and duct humidity and temperature sensors, as well as  outdoor humidity and temperature sensors which are compatible with all common HVAC DDC and Analogue Control Systems.

Most of our new models feature 4 humidity measuring variables with relative humidity and absolute humidity, dew point or enthalpy as well as temperature.

Our range includes pipe condensation sensors and surface leakage switches.


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