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Fine dust pollution is an increasing issue which can have a significant impact on our health.

People can unknowingly inhale  fine dust deep into their lungs causing long term health problems

and possible long term lung scarring of lung tissue and even lung cancer.



Our GRW1-Series (PM) is designed to measure fine dust concentrations (PM2.5) in rooms, areas or Ducts.

The sensors are compatible to all common HVAC, DDC and Analog Controls systems, with our without Building Automation system.

The sensor outputs can be 0...10V or 4...20mA.


Our sensors are made from high quality materials using modern production procedures.

German engineering with years of experience ensures reliability and accuracy which are second to none.

Please refer to the models below for detailed specifications.

Air Quality Fine Dust PM2.5 Sensor
Fine Dust (PM2.5) Room Sensors
Fine Dust (PM2.5) Duct Sensors

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